How I work

Here's how I work:

I'll show up and shoot for however long we've agreed upon (probably slightly more--I usually arrive earlier than expected). There's no limits on the number of photos I take, but it often ends up averaging about 100-150 an hour.

Once I'm done shooting, I load the images onto a laptop I bring with me and burn a USB thumb drive of lower-resolution images. That drive is given to you at the end of the evening when we settle accounts.

Then, I'll take the memory cards home, load the photos, tweak them in Photoshop Lightroom, Viveza and Dfine, then burn them as high-resolution photos onto two DVDs.

One DVD is a regular old DVD, which is what you should bring if you take the photos somewhere to be printed. The other is a gold-plated archival disc that should be placed in a dark, cool place in case you lose the other disc. All the images can be downloaded onto hard drives, copied, etc.

After burning the discs, I mail both to you, usually within three weeks of the wedding. You can then take them or send them to have photos of some, most or all of them.

(Given how many computers no longer have DVD drives, I can also send you the images on USB thumb drives, if you prefer)

You can also e-mail them to friends and relatives, though I might suggest that you reduce the size of the photos somewhat, as each one will likely be at least 1.8 megabytes and maybe as many as 8 megabytes. A lot of e-mail systems will choke a bit if you send more than a couple at once. (See the Making Prints page for info on editing programs)

And since they're digital images, I can do anything you want with them. Want copies of all the photos in black and white, too? I can do that for a small fee. If you're looking for something special, just ask and I'll see what I can do!