Who am I?

Welcome to Murdock's Photography, where we help keep your special day affordable. My name is Jay Murdock, and I'm the owner, operator and sole employee.

I started doing wedding and event photography in 2006 because I wanted to get back into taking more photos.

But since I have a regular 40-hour-week job, I couldn't dedicate nearly as much time to this job as a person who does nothing but shoot photos for a living.

So I decided to see if there was a niche for a certain type of wedding photographer: Affordable, simple, no-frills. Sort of the Southwest Airlines of wedding photography.

Many full-time photographers will give you proofs to look at, help you order prints, enlargements, etc., to the point that it's easy to spend a couple to several thousand dollars on your wedding photography.

When I got married, we had a budget of less than $5,000, and that was for an out-of-state wedding. Wedding costs are growing while the money available doesn't always grow too.

So Murdock's Photography was created for people who want someone to document their special day, but don't feel the need to order books and enlargements or have time to look at proofs.

And most of all, they don't want to spend a lot of money.

This is a no-frills operation. I don't do prints. I don't do books. I don't do enlargements. What I will do is shoot your wedding or event with a professional attitude and demeanor, and within about 3 weeks, you'll have all the photos on DVDs in your hands.

Take them or send them anywhere you want and have as many or as few prints as you want made, or just e-mail photos to people.

And here's the other best part: The rights to the photos are yours. No copyright issues here. When you get your photos, they belong to you.

Despite the inexpensive prices, I am a professional. Maybe it comes from years in TV news, but I take my job seriously, even if it isn't my "real" job.

That means I'll always concentrate on you and your big day. (And when I say "you", really, I mean the bride. Ask anyone who is in charge on the wedding day. They'll point to the bride almost every time. Or the bride's mom.}

You won't see me showing up at your wedding wearing a T-shirt and flip-flops. I'll do everything I can to be unnoticeable during the ceremony. And I'll always be easy to work with and pleasant to talk to.

I work hard to make sure that the photos you get from me accurately and nicely tell the story of your wedding day for anyone to see.

I also belong to the Professional Photographers of America.

So take a look around and see if Murdock's Photography, Cincinnati's affordable wedding photographer, can help you.