Must-Haves for Flat Lay Wedding Photos

Aug 15, 2023


Welcome to Murdock’s Photography, your go-to destination for all things wedding photography. In this guide, we'll explore the essential must-haves for creating stunning flat lay wedding photos. Whether you're a professional photographer or a couple looking to capture beautiful moments, we have you covered!

What are Flat Lay Wedding Photos?

Flat lay wedding photos have become increasingly popular over the years. Unlike traditional wedding shots, flat lay photography involves arranging details and accessories in a beautifully styled manner. These images capture the intricate details of your special day, from the wedding rings and invitations to the bridal bouquet and heirloom jewelry.

Essential Must-Haves

1. Wedding Rings: The symbol of your love and commitment, wedding rings are a must-have for any flat lay wedding photo. Capture their intricate designs, personalized engravings, and sparkle in your images.

2. Invitation Suite: Include your wedding invitation, RSVP card, and any other stationery items in your flat lay setup. These items add elegance and provide a glimpse into the overall theme and style of your wedding.

3. Florals: Incorporate your bridal bouquet, boutonnieres, and other floral arrangements into your composition. Fresh blooms add color, texture, and a touch of nature to your flat lay photos.

4. Jewelry: Highlight your sparkling accessories such as earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. These details not only enhance your overall look but also add a touch of luxury to your flat lay images.

5. Shoes: Don't forget to include a pair of beautifully crafted wedding shoes in your flat lay. Whether satin, lace, or embellished, they are a vital part of your wedding ensemble.

6. Personalized Items: Incorporate special items that hold sentimental value or reflect your unique style as a couple. This could include heirloom jewelry, custom-made accessories, or personalized vow books.

7. Fabrics: Include textured fabrics, such as lace, silk, or tulle, to add depth and dimension to your flat lay composition. Draped fabrics can create a beautiful backdrop for your wedding details.

8. Styling Props: Enhance the visual appeal of your flat lay with styling props like vintage trays, delicate ribbons, decorative boxes, or candles. These props add interest and create a cohesive look.

9. Special Keepsakes: Incorporate meaningful keepsakes, such as a photo of loved ones who couldn't be present or a locket with a secret message, into your flat lay arrangement.

10. Lighting and Background: Pay attention to lighting and choose a suitable background that complements your flat lay setup. Natural light or diffused lighting can create soft, flattering shadows for your photos.

Tips for Capturing Amazing Flat Lay Wedding Photos

To make the most of your flat lay wedding photos, consider these expert tips:

Tips for Styling:

  • Arrange items in a visually appealing way, considering color, texture, and size.
  • Experiment with different layouts and angles to find the most captivating composition.
  • Keep the overall style and theme of your wedding in mind when selecting props and accessories.

Tips for Lighting:

  • Utilize natural light whenever possible to create soft, flattering shadows.
  • If shooting indoors, use diffused or artificial light sources to achieve the desired ambiance.
  • Avoid harsh or direct lighting which can result in harsh shadows and blown-out highlights.

Tips for Camera Settings:

  • Opt for a low aperture (e.g., f/2.8 or lower) to create a shallow depth of field and achieve that dreamy, blurred background.
  • Ensure a proper focus on the details by using manual focus or selecting the desired focus points on your camera lens.
  • Consider shooting in RAW format to retain maximum image quality and flexibility during post-processing.

Tips for Editing:

  • Use photo editing software to enhance colors, contrast, and sharpness of your images.
  • Avoid over-editing to maintain a natural and timeless look.
  • Experiment with different presets or create your own editing style to add a personal touch.


Flat lay wedding photos are a captivating way to showcase the intricate details and personal touches of your special day. By incorporating the must-haves mentioned above and following our expert tips, you can create stunning flat lay compositions that will be cherished for years to come. Trust Murdock’s Photography, the industry leader in lifestyle wedding photography, to capture these beautiful moments with creativity and expertise. Contact us today to discuss your wedding photography needs and let us bring your vision to life!

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Denise Duplichan
These tips are so helpful for capturing beautiful flat lay wedding photos! Thank you!
Nov 10, 2023
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