My First Two Rolls of 35mm Film - Dayton Ohio Photographer

Feb 24, 2019

The Joys of 35mm Film Photography

As experienced lifestyle and weddings photographers based in Dayton, Ohio, Murdock’s Photography is known for capturing beautiful moments that last a lifetime. While the digital age has brought about numerous advancements in photography technology, there's something special and nostalgic about shooting on 35mm film.

In this article, we would like to share our journey with film photography and walk you through our experiences, discoveries, and tips on shooting with 35mm film. We hope this guide will inspire fellow photographers and remind them of the raw beauty that film can offer.

Embracing the Process

When we decided to delve into the world of film photography, we knew it would be a unique and exciting journey. The process of using a film camera, loading the rolls, and patiently waiting for the development, allows for a deeper connection with the art of photography. It’s an experience that encourages mindfulness and intentionality in every shot.

The First Roll: A Learning Adventure

Our first roll of 35mm film was nothing short of an adventure. We chose a picturesque location in Dayton, Ohio, and eagerly embraced the unpredictability and serendipity that film photography brings. Every click of the shutter was filled with anticipation, wondering how the images would turn out.

From capturing nature's breathtaking landscapes to candid moments between loved ones, our first roll taught us the importance of patience and experimentation. We found ourselves immersed in the beauty of film grain, the rich colors, and the unique texture that digital photography often struggles to replicate.

The Second Roll: Unveiling Unforgettable Moments

Building upon our learnings from the first roll, we continued our film photography journey with even more enthusiasm. This time, we had the opportunity to shoot a beautiful wedding in Dayton, Ohio. The couple trusted us to capture their special day using 35mm film, and we were determined to deliver stunning results.

As we shot their wedding, we realized that film photography brings a sense of timeless elegance to every frame. The emotion and details caught on film seemed to have a palpable quality, enhancing the photographs in ways digital images can struggle to achieve. Every shot revealed unforgettable moments, and the couple was thrilled with the results.

Tips & Insights for the Aspiring Film Photographer

1. Choose the Right Film

Experimenting with different types of film is crucial to finding your preferred aesthetic. Whether you're drawn to vibrant colors or prefer a more subdued, vintage look, understanding various film characteristics will help you achieve the desired outcome.

2. Master Exposure Settings

When shooting with film, understanding exposure settings becomes even more crucial. Since you can't instantly review and adjust the image like with digital photography, learning to read light and make accurate exposure decisions is essential to capturing well-exposed photographs.

3. Embrace Imperfections

One of the endearing aspects of shooting on film is embracing imperfections. From light leaks to grainy textures, these characteristics add a unique charm to your photographs. Don't be afraid to experiment and appreciate the unexpected.

4. Patience is Key

Film photography teaches you the art of patience. Waiting for the film to be developed and processed can be both exciting and challenging. But the anticipation and joy of seeing physical prints of your images are incomparable.

Embrace the Beauty of Film Photography

At Murdock’s Photography, we believe that film photography brings a sense of soul and authenticity to every frame. Our journey with 35mm film has reignited our passion for capturing moments and preserving memories in an artful way.

If you're looking for a Dayton, Ohio photographer who understands the magic of 35mm film and can capture the essence of your special moments, we would love to be a part of your story. Contact Murdock’s Photography for stunning photography that stands the test of time.